I thought to myself in my mind that he is absolutely going to kill me right here

ok so basically i haven’t posed in a while and i decided to pose again so this is a small simple pose i did to help me get back into it, also i photoshopped the wehrmacht clothing, green to match the actual uniform (silly treyarch) aswell as sdof thinking its cool to make the screen darker when it renders.


Not bad, slight clipping at the elbow with his uniform but other than that I think it looks nice.

He’s got good trigger discipline too.

thanks dark

Nice composition, I like it.


Its a shame those models dont have face posing.
Would look alot better if it did but either way, still a beautiful pic

i agree someone should add faceposing and eyeposing, also thanks.

it would look even better still if they weren’t disproportionate and if the german uniforms weren’t fucked up, but i’ve come to expect abysmal work from treyarch by now

Its a shame those models were never released

bloocobalt apparently gave the project and everything to halfdead, and my friend told me if you ask half-dead hell give them to you, i dunno though

Turn off HDR in your video settings (use bloom instead) and it’ll fix the darker Sdof thingy.

cod models=immediately rate dumb or disagree.

I’m wondering why hasn’t anyone said anything about the MoH Airborne americans. Those haven’t been released yet, have they?

given that game’s idea of ‘historically accurate’, i’m dubious as to their quality.

The German’s leaning forward a bit too far

i think not, its just how you use them that matters

All Nazis are emotionless.

because of bloo

‘I thought to myself in my mind’ seems awfully redundant.

in the same way you can’t polish a turd, you can’t really put a flower on top and make it not a turd either