I time out to ALL servers including LAN

This is not an Internet issue, as it happens both for random servers in various gamemodes, to my very own srcds server hosted on my PC. And just so you know, my internet itself is working fine.
So when I connect to any server, it load fine until it gets to “Workshop Complete”. From this point on, the game is 100% frozen, even after waiting 30+ minutes it still does not unfreeze itself. If I check the console of my OWN server after connecting, I apparently time out eventually. Why???

EDIT: This happens about 90% of the time for servers outside my own srcds on my PC. This happens about 50% of the time for my own srcds on my PC.

EDIT2: I verifed my game in the last week. So no, it’s not that.

Get rid of your client addons ( legacy and workshop ), and unmount unneeded games.