"I told you already, I don't have your money!"

A friend of mine suggested I try something like this, so I did. I’m really iffy on it, I like it and I don’t like it. Either way, C&C appreciated.

Original for those who want to give it a shot

and Please give me ideas, I cannot stress that enough. I’m running ragged trying to think of shit to make.

Shadowing looks strange.

Cool idea with the shirt grabbing. The hair edit is quite good and subtle too. Isolation is pretty off in places though.

The guys expression looks amazing

hey can you give me the link to that model. the one they going to smash.

I got it from joining random servers, so I honestly don’t know where to get it.

it looks nice how do you get that black border around your picture??

hair looks nice, shadowing is ehhh…

Pretty nice.

hair is pretty nice as said

ah ok man. but nice picture :slight_smile: