"I told you not to run." Alyx is shot by Mysterious Stranger.

Just added a little mouth blood. Everything is game and such.


Oh, and for weak people who think this is gory, violent etc. here is your version.


I like the shadows and the posing on the stranger. Mouth blood is a little bright though.

Happyfun version made me lol.

Is that ingame sharpening? ew

Is that what that is? something didn’t look right, The 2nd image made me lol.

No, not edit sharpen or in game. Didn’t even use any. Now I used noise and grain.

The blood needs some depth around Alyx’s lips but the angle, posing and shadows on the Stranger is superb.

Weak minded cowards version is hilarious.

Posing on the Stranger is great, like Santz and Vman said mouth blood needs depth and is too bright. Wimp version made me lol hard.



That’s neither.

Poor Fear. Perma’d. :smith:

What the fuck why?

It better not be because of being ‘creepy’.

I already found the reason.
But I dont see a damn reason for him to get banned. He had a point in what he said or not?
Well Im gonna miss him :smith:
And what are those sick poses you guys are talking about?

Look at his locked threads, they are mostly rape, mulitation of alyx and random killing of people.

He probably didn’t understand that you’re not supposed to share all your dark fantasies and ideas with the public. fex. Rape and female mutilation.

And that’s why he was banned.

well pretty good everything but edit and blood

Lol I just found one thread (the one with the tied alyx) which is a little bit extreme.
Strange guy.
I didnt know you can get perma banned for being a creep.
I mean what about OIFY?

So if he got banned for violence and gore crap, why is it that:

Got accepted, and I didn’t get banned? XD Not saying I want to be banned though.

Not to forget that Zoey picture where she got sawed into pieces by the zombie nurses. Holy shit that was creepy stuff.This stuff was much MUCH creepier than Fears. I dont want them to get banned im just asking.
I still dont see why Fear was banned. He was a “different” poser with “different” ideas. Maybe a one day ban but perma? Just not fair in my opinion.

He added the “Me slashing random whore” or “Me killing people” tags to his threads, that made him look like a psychopath and eventually banned.


He was self-projecting himself throw his screenies, while other people just make those pics because they liked fear movies or stuff like that.

And FP as Uber~ said its not a democracy, thats why we have Mods, and they have the last word always :stuck_out_tongue:

Altho I will miss that sick dude, he was funny from time to time.

Oh lol, I did that. Well, a joint effort from Manest and me. :smiley: