"I told you Tony i don't have more money!" V2

I didn’t like the old edit so I made a new edit. And don’t say ‘‘why is the blood not black and white?’’ it looked like dust when it was black and white. C&C please.

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Blood is too bright.

Posing is a bit off, also.

The blood is (forgive me), horrible. Posing is a bit stiff, but the idea is good.

I know i will make it darker.

Thats an insanely huge light bulb.

And make it look more like a left splat(since he is been shooted from there), not just like a splat.

Edit: I remember this pic! hairy bulb!





In the good 'ol days everything was huge.

I looks like if the blood was coming from the wall, not the guy :S

The blood is really terrible.

Is the blood just a brush with red color?

Tat picture.
The guy is like:“lol why is there blood coming out of my ear”

The blood is wierd.

blood looks really unrealistic.

smoke wont immediately come out

Blood needs to be MUCH darker. Maybe still have abit red on it, but at least make it dark.