"I told you Tony i don't have more money!"


I wanted to make to some more mafia images. I don’t really like this one but i thought i post it anyway. C&C please.




That’s one hairy light bulb.

It’s a wee bit dark. The blood is too bright really, too.

hairy lamp


rated late

The “Mafia” looks like nothing like any kind of mafia. They’re wearing ripped jeans, for christ’s sake.

Those are black pants not jeans.

Blood is bright and the lamp is hairy.

That lamp is one Hairy Bastard :ninja:

And who the heck rated bad spelling? Or is it “bulb”, not “bulp”?

It’s bulb. I wanna know why I was rated bad spelling.

Lol and I dont get rated bad spelling but my english sux.
Watch out theres a troll around here.

Nice picture by the way but its obviously too dark.

It is bulb.


The right way…

“The blood is really bright too” or “The blood is too bright, really.” I think… I’m not pro at English as well :S

If I put a comma in it would make more sense.

Regardless, nothing is spelt wrong.

You know the noobs on the Facepunch community… they rate because they have a mouse, not because they have a brain.

**Bulp evolved to a furious Bulb!

Bulb used “Delete Bad Spelling ratings”

It’s not very effective…**

A tip for the OP: If you want to make things glow, you could use the “supernova” effect or use the brush modes “hard light” and “soft light”.