"I totally rubbed my balls on your sandwich when you weren't looking" Scout recreation.


peer pressured into posting.

Shit son, almost identical.

Good all the peer pressure worked your now one of the cool kids

also title was my idea :smiley:

Yes, very yes.

Good, very good.

Indeed, my child.

How many fucking people have you fucked! All of FP is your child including garry.

They’re adopted. Butthurter has never been laid :v:

The key difference:

This heavy has a shotgun

Scout is fucked.

Indeed, my child.


I hope Scout didn’t leave any “Secret Sauce” on the sandvich.

Looks like a shotgun to me.

I’m not your child boy.

I understand.

Sorry you were told this terrible truth. You shall go back to your adoptive mother now.
Come on butthurter, we’ll get you another child.

Very well.


Heavy’s face is like “No… NO! NO ITS NOT TRUE! ITS NOT POSSIBLE!”.

Seriously thats an epic face you’ve done to the Heavy.

I will be your child. You shall start an army of Facepunch children, and raise them in a siege against the undead.

Good, very good.