I tried to make a custom configuration "Run Map-Expert" and failed now i can't load the map.CS GO SDK

So yeah i tried making a custom configuration that would first compile my map and then start the map in game windowed mode.
I chanced my mind and tried to delete it but something went wrong and hammer crashed and so it does every time i try to load it.
I Google for some answers and found this http://source.gamebanana.com/tuts/7874 but when i open my map in note pad i get some weird unreadable text.

The map i called “cs_hall” and i named my start configuration “Best” so it can’t be a problem with the name.

I can upload the map if you want to take a look at it.

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Fixed it!

Turns out that when i start hammer instead of pressing “Yes” on “hammer crashed last time do you want to recover from last session(or something like that)” press no and bam it works.