I tweeted the Supreme leader Garry, this is his reply..

Why did you try to hide that your twitter handle is @MarkyHawthorn? Twitter isn’t secret you know.

Everyone else does, so I thought I would join the bandwagon, But I’m happy you took the effort to reply :slight_smile:

It is easy to read, I knew your name before reading Lexic’s post, shouldn’t of just copied and pasted the name all over the place.

he said 2-3 weeks on friday…

Well I think this post proves people spend more time on, and are more interested in berating people on the Forums, than actually playing the game.

well i think this proves you ask garry for an update even tho he said 2-3 weeks till the update on friday. read his devblog, he seems pretty honest about updates.

Who cares if we play rust or not? You’re the one who’s complaining about a lack of updates.

You fail to see my sarcasm… welcome to the internet.

Right back at ya, buddy.

You too.

So! when does the full blown version look like its going to happen??

This small map is getting extremely boring.

probably never? next patch might as well introduce random maps for all we know

Why does everyone think that replying takes some special form of effort and indicates an extreme dosage of caring at all? It takes two seconds to do unless you’re completely dense.

I think garry’s getting a lesson in what not to do in the future. The problem is he wants to do things on his own time. His company will go tits up if that’s what he thinks. Future game releases will certainly be hurt based on the experience players have in this game.

I uh… don’t think he’s looking to make a big time AAA gaming company which pumps out a half-assed shitty game every six months.

omg take a selfie with this tweet bro

Not to give early access? I hope so, because he must be having a miserable time dealing with all this nonsense. I wouldn’t blame him for clamming the whole thing up and saying “you’ll get an update in five or six months when we’re good an ready to give it to you.”

Yes, this is one of the defining elements of an indie team. In other breaking news, water is wet and a bowling ball is heavier than a gnat.

Edit: Want some slow development? Dwarf Fortress is getting its first major update in over two years. People still play it. Rust’s dev schedule is nothing compared to that.

im not hurt… nor am i have a bad experience in any way. he CAN do things on his time, its his company, and he already has your money. that being said, his company is probably worth more than youll make in 3 lifetimes, so i cant say this company will go tits up…

speak for yourself not others. just because you dont like waiting for progress doesnt mean others dont either. ill wait months for an update, idgaf.

“We have reached end game and the server is dying” LMFAO the audacity of people on these forums blows me away.

OP get your head out of your ass.