I understand LUA but i don't know how to use it ingame.

So i finally understand the LUA syntax and basic code, but all i know how to do is put messages in the console, run and create console commands, and make VERY simple Derma panels.

Does anyone know a place where i can find a good, detailed tutorial on what and how to do next?

or at least a list of functions?

i’ve already read the tutorials, i mean adv. LUA concepts, like sweps and sents

well, if you scroll down, there are function lists, Client side, server side, global, and derma…read through those and figure things out i guess? or try the articles and learn by example.

SWEP example:

STOOL example:

Didn’t find a SENT example, but it’s not hard to download someone else’s and see how it works.

Reminder: It’s Lua not LUA

Well i’m sorry Mr. Grammar Nazi, i remember telling you i’m a newbie to the code, right?

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–> coming back to other things:

why not just take a look at other lua scripts if you inderstand them and try to think what and why the coder has done it and then maybe reffer to the wiki if you need an example :smiley:

i made some visual information scripts when i first tried lua cause its kinda easy

The same question I wanna to ask…

Is there any tutorials tell people where those files need to go? In a lot of tutorials they just present the scripts but do not tell people where to put the files so that they can be executed.

even i know that, you put them in a specific folder in the garrysmod/garrysmod/lua folder

weapons if your making a SWEP
entities if you making a SENT
just lua if your making anything else
autorun if your making something and you want it to well, automatically run

No, no. Don’t put scripts in autorun. If you do, they will just run away.

My scripts never run away, they are loyal to me.