I understand the whole race thing but...

I’m a guy and my avatar is now a woman…we should at the VERY least be able to change our gender.

Oh boy, here we go again…

BTW, only server admins are women right now. :v:

But, no, you won’t have any choice in the matter and you never did. Unless you want to mod your server, as I’m sure there will be plugins for this soon enough.

what does it matter? you’ll be covered head to toe in gear, no one will be able to tell what gender you are.

The woman’s chest looks like it was duct taped flat since birth, when shes wearing men’s clothes and head gear, you cannot tell its a woman. You should be glad Auntie Flow doesn’t visit you once a month.

To all the “What does it matter?” and “You dont have a choice, face it.” people: It would take FP literally less than an hour to add a “Male/Female” button. I really dont understand why it is so hard to do that.

It would take even less effort to just accept that what your ingame avatar looks like doesn’t matter and get on with your life. It’s supposed to be fun to see some unique people in the game, try not to take it too seriously.

If it totally does not matter, why did they even add female models?

Explain why it has to be added, other than “I want it”.

Explain what choosing your character traits actually does to enhance the game that being given a might-as-well-be-random selection of traits doesn’t.

I’m a woman too and I dont have a problem with it, however I do have a problem with the woman looking like a 12 year old girl…


  1. Because it takes so little effort. It would be a wasted opportunity not to please a considerate amount of players with that option.

  2. Adding an option to play as man or woman adds a bit more immersion than playing as a given character. I personally dislike playing as a female character. I can also imagine some women finally wanting to play a female character, and be given a male character.

  3. Having the option to actually make a complete character would also add various options for clans/groups to play. For instance, making a group of black males would be more distinct than a mix of races/genders and make it easier to recognize eachother from distance.

Also, this had nothing to do with racism or sexism. Its just a basic request for a character customisation screen. It adds some role play elements that rust lacks at this moment.

Then wait for a modded server to give you that. The “so little effort” argument is pointless, because it’d take garry 3 minutes to revert everything and put everyone back to being naked bald white clones. If it’s worth doing, it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

  1. “Because I want it”

  2. That’s what clothing’s for. Are you really going to see much of your character’s body once you’re clothed and covered in armor?

The devblogs specifically explain why there is no character customization screen. If you want that, go play ARK and harvest dinosaur shit. (No, really, that’s a legitimate gameplay activity, I’m not even making fun of the game.)

this reminds me of Alien, it’s Ripley!

I cant say I agree with that. The consideration if something is worth it or not, is for a large factor determined by the time required to implement it.

Thats totally not what I said. There have been women asking for female characters for ages. I remember this being a hot topic 1.5 years ago. Now we have female characters finally implemented, and FP decides that women cannot make the choice for female characters. Doesn’t that sound retarded?

Not sure. I assume they will adjust all the clothing so it fits female character models better. In that case, yeah. I would see so much of the body.

The shit farming is just offtopic and unnessesary. I tried Ark, didnt like it :wink:

Rust isn’t about Role Play either. The game is about survival and how to get to the next day. You survive with what you get.

Gender, just like race and dong size, has no effect upon gameplay.

Garry has already expressed it isn’t a development time thing preventing them from adding character customization. It is a gameplay choice.

They want to make the game about the game, not your character. They want variety, so you can distinguish each player, without making it a huge process.

What has changed now that you play a women? Can you still fire a gun? Can you still raid? Can you still play exactly the way you played before you were a women?.
What, specifically, do you now like about being a woman because it doesn’t DO anything,

It is a state of mind and it is sickening.

That is exactly the thing they are trying to prevent though.


Yes, I can fire a gun. Yes I can still raid. That’s not the issue. I would like the choice for the same reason people like to customise their characters on virtually all other games. You can still play, but might not like the looks of you character. How is this wrong, let alone sickening?

It’s not. It’s not racism, I dont hurt anyone with playing a preferred race or appearance. What if I just really wanted to play as a black female? Racism? Riiiight…

If you make a character in an other game, take World of Warcraft for example. Do you just click “random” and start playing? I sure as hell don’t do that.

Just deal with it. One of things that makes Rust unique is that you get assigned a race, gender and bone structure. You don’t choose. You only choose how you survive. Big deal or not, this option is not coming. If you feel so sad about this, you deserve to get the sex/race you don’t want.

I like this feature as it results in a lot of random encounters and funny situations.

We all know that the reason for doing this is to basically russle some feathers and/or troll people. It’s ironic them saying they want to make it not about the character, because that’s exactly what it is doing. Also what was that ridiculous comment saying “some people spend longer making a character than playing the game”. That’s just straight up hyperbole.

And nothing wrong with harvesting dino shit. I have four dodos named Shit Machine, Poop Machine, Mr Shits and Mrs Plops who live on my narcoberry farm keeping it fertilised.

lolololololol I think we will see that this is not the case. Oh what a wonderful world it would be if it was, but it just isn’t. The character design won’t be as a big a deal as what voice you have on the mic though.
Side note: I’ve KoSed a few women after mistaking them for “squeekers” lol.

edit: I haven’t seen what gender my character is since Rust hasn’t worked for me on Linux for a fortnight or so. Guess I’ll boot windows now and check :confused:

further edit: Bad news, looks like I still have a penis.

Implement bleach and strap-on dildos.