I updated my Oxide to last version and got a WIPE as gift WTF

Hey guys, I updated my Oxide to last version and got a WIPE as gift WTF!

Everytime I do some changes on that I’ll get a wipe, is that right?!

No, you just did something wrong - also you always backup ‘myserverdata’ before doing any updates/installs/uninstalls

Crap! I didn’t backup that. How do I backup that? I should backup, apply the updates, restore the backup, that’s it?

If it’s already been wiped then you have nothing to backup really

You just select ‘myserverdata’ and send it to a zip, then download the zip

I’ve said a thousand times before and will say again (and probably not for the last time) - Oxide does not go near save files, any wipe that happens is caused by your GSP. Always backup your save files before installing or uninstalling mods.

Make sure you do a server save before donig anything as well… plus as other have said then back up those files as well.

Back your shit up regularly !

not always easy my friend … Multiplay update automatically … I logged on today, and my server was down, and a message saying mandatory rust update … and then Oxide 1.9 is rolling out … server gets back up, but still on 1.8.2 and nothing works … ConnectionFailed… I just hope that whenever it will work again, my server will not be wiped!
but . then again … they also do an auto backup of the server on every restart … so … I always have 3 backups on the cp!!!