i uploaded a tool pack and

well i noticed there was a lack of good tool packs so i decided do get popular ones and put them into a folder and uploeded it i put a huge diclamer on it saying i dint make any of these tools i just got them together and next day i try to log in and it says im banned can some 1 exsplane to me what i did to get banned (this was my 1st upload)

by the way the pack was called

Ethans tool pack

You were banned because you broke the rules.
You’re not supposed to upload things that you didn’t make, and you’re not supposed to upload packs of things you didn’t make.

Read the rules next time. Garry added the huge read and yellow warning for a reason.

Just a quick quote from the upload page. It’s in big letters so hard to miss


Thanks for the translation.

Yeah, read the giant red damn text. Case closed.

Hi, I broke the rules and I was banned, why?

and you will get banned from facepunch too because you used a clif hanger title :smiley: