I used milkshape, what I do after I'm done

I went on google and couldn’t find too much info for exporting milkshape to mdl. Like, I made this epic guitar with textures I’m still working on, but like I just want to know how to export it first then I’ll learn how to animate it properly. I saw this thing like you can export as Game studio A5 mdl. Cuz the whole point of this is to get it into gmod. So I got the codings and stuff for the .qc file. Someone tell me how exactly it works and what it’s basically doing. I used milkshape and it can export smd. And shut up about sourcesdk compiler and stuff. I just need a way, like getting .qc file. Any converter or anyway to get this shit into gmod.

you run the QC through “sourcesdk compiler and stuff.”