I used the program to reduce the ping and flew vac ban

I have in the RUST EXPERIMENTAL of the game was a high ping and friends advised me to use a VPN client ZenMate to reduce ping a couple of days I played with him and he really helped me, and then after a couple of days later I flew YOU VAC ban
Chita I did not use the bugs also not used
Nick in the game ULTRAMARIN

Sorry for my bad English

1 game and only 3 friends. Seems legit.

Sounds weird but I know people that create a new account for every new game they buy so they can sell the account+game later.

Good day, the problem is that the player really did not use cheats, asking developers to take seriously this issue and view logs of anti-cheat because I think it is very strange to buy a new game due to not correct the ban.

you can use VPN to hack slow down players and ddos the server and multiply the loots inside chests

Just wait untill a EAC guy shows up and posts that he used cheats. Before that noone can be sure.

EDIT: It says gameban on his steamprofile so I guess it’s not a VAC ban as stated.

in general, it was so bad in this player internet, ping 150-200-300 ms
He went to another server he Ping rose to 12,000 ms, it is advised to try out a program that would bring down the VPN ping. he turned on the server and then immediately gave him a Kick Anticheat, I understand if he spent dos attack. but what could be the dos attacks with 3g modem?:godzing:

what the fuck are you on

Thats not how VAC or EAC work. Both don’t ban right after detection because that way
the creators of the cheats could easily find out what is causing the ban, they ban in waves.

I guess your friend wasn’t banned because of tons of reports cuz you say he is a legit player.

I found multiple Russian hack sites with the OPs forum name. Not saying it is him but…well.

I use ExpressVPN and have not received a VAC or EAC ban. So I don’t think using a VPN will get you banned. Unless I’m mistaken?

Odds are this week’s excuse involves VPNs. Like how a few weeks ago people were told to claim AutoHotKey triggered EAC.

why would a VPN A)improve ping or B)trigger a ban?

the ban is more likely, since a disguised ip may be used to hack with a bit more anonymity; but am i wrong in thinking that re-routing through a VPN would actually drop your latency?

Just a bit of a nitpick, but I think you meant increases latency. And yes, it would severely under most circumstances increase your ping seeing as instead of data going You - > Server - > You, it now has to go from You -> VPN -> Server -> VPN -> You. Other than Texas (for US players) most VPNs will be in Europe or somewhere close to that so your ping will end up being (if routed through there) the time it takes for you to reach the VPN + The time it takes your VPN to reach the server. As an example: 100ms (You-VPN) + 120ms (VPN-Server) and your ping ends up being like, 220ms minimum.

yeah, poor choice of words on my behalf; i’m glad you got what i meant lol.

People With bad routering can get better ping/less packet loss.

couldn’t play the game for months, until i found a good vpn to play with, costed me a bit. but worth it.
i got 0 packet loss, the reason for packet loss only in rust, was that to many bytes/info was being sent from rust. my shitty router couldn’t handle it vpn helped for some reason.
Before i had 110 ping, but with the packet loss that was AT 100% or 90-80% couldn’t do a damn thing.
Vpn turned it down to 0-4%

i can’t see how that works though.

say i’m in perth, my provider is in sydney. i get a vpn anywhere else (lets say america) and it now goes sydney >america >perth. even if your original connection was being routed through an exchange miles away, i can’t see how another layer of re-routing would ever help. :what:

" vpn helped for some reason. "
Clearly, i don’t either. but it does work. why? not a single clue honestly. it should be worse, but it’s much better. cause without it, i can’t play for a single minute.

lol i’m in Perth as well :smiley:

My VPN is in Seatte.(I live an hour away) I tried a few different VPN services and lost a ton of latency with them. Just had to find the right one, now my lag is fine.

I don’t recommend using a VPN to play games though. The cheap vpns will really slow shit down.