"I used to live there.." - Marine Force Recons are transforted. [With background sound!]

Warning: This may too loud to your speaker.


Background sound made by me.
and I won’t do this shit again. It was too hard work.

The foreground and background don’t blend all that well, and the Marines’ skin looks fucked up.

Are those CoD4 marines with BF2 textures?

Hard sound work? :slight_smile:
How about recording my band’s songs at home with two mics and 1 stupid bass guitarist, which couldn’t play right even from thousandth attempt? Hell,that was horrible :v:

The picture is good btw

Battle LA is going to be an awesome film

lol less difficult than recording your band’s song.

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I’m really looking forward it

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I have a hunch as to where these models came from. But I don’t wanna say. Unless I’m wrong.

that’s alright, just say it

Yes, spill the beans

Crysis 2.

The guy on the left looks… totally baked.

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Btw, the picture is not bad but the lighting could have been worked on better.

Why you gotta steal my thunder?

Holy shit, Crysis 2 models? Awesome.

this is where we beg for release

Not me. :colbert:

yes it is morally wrong to use these models and the methods they were obtained but they are nice

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i plan 2 buy crysissy 2 anyways

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and no i did NOT download that torrent
not ever

so i take it you can do better then this guy did?

Yeah, but some color-correction would fix it pronto.

Don’t fucking bring that argument. Don’t EVER bring up that fucking argument. It’s the worst argument anyone can ever use. Now get off your computer and sit in the corner for what you’ve done.

And yes, he could actually do better.

yeah pretty much

i wish you could do your posting better so it wasn’t so terrible, though.