"I used to rule the world..." - Breen watching C17 burn

Predictable thread music ahoy:


Not sure I’m happy with how this turned out.

C&C please.

Nice picture as usual.

Reminds me of that scene in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers where Saruman watches the Ent’s attack Isengard.

Breen died. he was at the HEART Of the Dark Fusion reactor explosion, not only that you see his teleport pod fizzle like it was Comballed, so he’s pretty much dead

Haha that was exactly my inspiration!

Thanks. Rated informative.

what about when the time the rebels were storming the citadel and there was fires everywhere

He’s just covering his big mistakes.

Yes. That is what I had in mind for the setting of this picture. It’s set at around the time Gordon is in that mega-slow teleporter thing and the rebellion has started.

Ah, hypocrisy at its finest.



The combine’s fire fighters are that good.

Regardless of the reservations you have of me for disliking your editing process,

it’s bad, really bad, breen has no faceposing, the edited in buildings are horrifically low res(Why didn’t you shop in a pic of c17?) And the scanner is barely visible, the smoke is horrific.

Nobody know´s he could have been saved by Gman, after all it seems like he knows him.

Breen is faceposed.

He didn’t, and gman wouldn’t help Breen. breen was just a complete pawn

Please. I would rather not have my thread a HL2 storyline discussion.

Is it only me or that the perspective of breen and the scanner is completly different from the backround

nice Isolation though

I thought they were fairly similar. Thanks for the comment.

Awesome editing.

That city scanner is going like “Awwww”

“Shit… boss looks in a bad way… best not do anything to upset him.”

The scanner actually does look pretty cute, I noticed that now :3: