"I walk this lonely road" *Sigh*, you guessed it, a rebel walking down a lonely road.


Another quickie, now, of to watch Survivor!

Posing looks a little off in places and most of the brighter parts of him have a bit of an AA issue.

It’s not to bad otherwise, other than a little boring. :stuck_out_tongue:


The shading is quite nice.

2 things:

No, and that song is called Boulevard of Broken Dreams, not I walk alone.

Well, I didn’t make the video so, don’t tell that to me

Why would he tell the band that the song is incorrectly named? I don’t think a band could name their own song wrongly. And why would he tell the band that their song doesn’t fit his Garry’s Mod picture?

I keep my hopes up :C

My shadow’s the only thing, that walks beside me. My shadow’s heart’s the only thing that’s beatin’…

I love the lighting.
Also a bit overgrained.
And dat flat light on his right shoe is flat.

He looks like a dope, to be honest. His upper body is tense, and his lower body is just casual.

Pose is fine, title makes me :emo:

I’m pleased that you didn’t go generic by involving that song…


I think that’s because he got gas… eh


Your posing is really bad, you need to improve it alot!
But the editing is quite nice, I like the shading.

Good to see that you’re back, bad that you think my posing is bad :saddowns:

Looks like his right arm is clipping into his vest.