I Walk

This is a walking base for and robot/mech/droid/walker you wanna make. You should adjust the variable on the chip to suit the server you usually play on, instructions are stored on the chip.

I have included the chip its self so you can use it on a bigger or smaller version as you please, if you wish to do so, observe how the I Walk is constructed. It should be possible to use the chip without adjusting any thing more than the ten indicated variables.

I’m adding a sort of jump-jet feature in the next version where by the I Walk shall rise slowly and move forwards at half the speed it rises. Will have sound and hopefully a visual effect if I can figure out holograms (which doesn’t seem too hard)


If used please give credit where due.


  • Latest Wire (SVN Preferably)
  • Latest PHX3 (SVN Preferably)

Side notes:


Seems kind of underdetailed to me! Either way, they look good. Kind of cartoony. Nice job. Next time, moar detailz.

Mechanostrider anyone?

I was aiming for functionality with this. the legs aren’t actually nessisary, just the two little cubes and the half-cube and the wire parts. The idea is that you use it to mount whatever you want on it.

It’s funny you post that actually, when I started sharing it with my mates (pre-release), one of them made it look like a little yellow chick with orange feet.



Just noticed it looks more like one of MS OFFICE assistant-thingys.

how is this any better than setsze’s bipedal walking chip?


Idk, I think its prob a good idea just for newbies at mechs

Sweet, someone else made a walking expression, finally!

Hey, this code’s pretty cool, man.

Differences from mine:
Uses the hip instead of the chip to determine which way it faces forward. I’m not a fan of this, but hey, whichever.
Doesn’t use toLocal at all - surprising.
Hardcodes the hip’s “hover point” to the average of both feet’s position, and adds a hard coded 50 units up, instead of an offset depending on how it spawns.
Locks to heading angles instead of just brute forcing the walker’s turning and using damping. This is a good improvement.
Uses 10 substages in addition to the leg toggles, instead of one stage and a leg toggle. I’m not sure why but, hey, whichever.
Has forward/backward movement, no strafing.
Uses straight force from point to point (Direction Vector * Speed) instead of a delta setup. My first e2 walking chip did the same.

Good work, keep improving on it!

Way to show some class around this place! Maybe some people can take a lesson from you. no reason to give this guy a hard time because someone already made a walking chip.

Cool story bro

sorry for this three week old bump but NightReaper will you be making anymore i walks ?

He released it. So that we could make our own.

yea i know he’s uploaded it but what i mean is can he do bigger and smaller sized legs

The point is that you make your own legs. My own speculations.

i’m not good with wires i mostly have it so i can see and use peoples contraptions online i only know the basics. i’ve never being good with wires

Then learn

I’m afraid not for the time being, I’m thoroughly busy Gmod-wise as I’m now helping Kevkev with the Tiberium add-on. I will however release a fix for a bug in the code. The ride height variable isn’t read from at currant, so I’ll fix it

Edit: Done: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=847592

thanks again reaper i’ll check this out now :slight_smile:

also Rocketracer4 i don’t play gmod 24/7 like the little bitch you are.

How does not being stupid make him a bitch?