I walked around the entire island ...

Assuming constant run speed of roughly 10 mph, and a roughly circular island, Rust Island is about 22 miles in circumference, and has an area of roughly 40 sq mi. That’s one hell of a large area to develop into … and plenty of reason for the devs to add modes of transportation (bear riding, anyone?) to the game.

Yes at some point, for now though just no. Would only be beneficial to the minority of servers that are at max capacity all the time.

But at some point in the future im sure something along the lines of transport will be added, but only when the full map is usable.

10MPH is a bit high, regardless you spent 2.2 hours to figure this out :stuck_out_tongue: good job.

What could you do to find the actual sprint speed? Find a server that shows the range at which you kill someone and time the run from start point to death point?

that’s if this map stays, it not finalised, the map will more than likely be changed before release.

I guessed. Average footspeed over distance for humans is probably closer to 8, but since running in Rust is constant and you don’t have to stop - at all - if you don’t want to do so, I bumped the average up a bit. That was my quasi-scientific analysis.

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On the north end of the island is a beach that stretches for at least 5-6 miles … and is probably half a mile wide. There was a channel cut that looked to me like where there might be a plan to have a flowing body of water through the heart of the island. Other red herrings like a sinkhole, a lone bear all by itself in a tree, 10 mi outside of the developed area, other cool stuff.

Got any screenshots of all that?

Alas, no. It was late and I just didn’t think to do it.

yep, they already mentioned this map is alpha only, the future map wont have a circular road at all, more realistic with roads interconnecting leading to diff cities etc.

Cities not seen anything about cities, Hmmm
did not think it was taking that root tbh, thought it would be wildness, rivers, marshes and tree not cities.

Dedicated. I’ve walked the roads, that’s it.

Horses Horses Horses!

Good luck, I got banned for posting a video/image in other threads.

I don’t think so. Paying 5$ to be goldmember makes you safe!