I Wanna Buy Gold But Im Scared Of Getting Banned.

So I’ve Been Watching Rust Since It Came Out And Theres No Way To Get It Only To Buy Gold Member Ship Or Like The Other Not Legit ways And I’ve Been Seeing Some People Being Scared Of Buying Gold And Getting Banned. Is There Another Way To Get It Legit?

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread, Typing In Title Case Is Pretty Annoying Too" - SteveUK))

No not really. Just wait until Rust gets released on Steam, or Garry gives out more keys.

You can’t buy it at the moment as too many people was buying it because they thought they’d get a rust key (not as true as you may think).

Only way to get it right now is to be active I think.

Why Are You Typing Like This?

When do You Think That Is Tank?

Gold is temporarily disabled. No need to worry cause you can’t even buy it.

Why Would You Bother Typing Like This ?

I Can’t Understand What You’re Trying To Say.

I Was Asking Him When It Might Come out But I Guess Its Barely In Alpha.

It’s Not Even In Alpha, It’s Pre-Alpha

People are way to impatient for both of those things to happen…

yoU guyS typE weirD

Like everyone else said, you cant’ buy it now.

P.S. - You type funny.

Answer Is No.

OP You Should Stop Post.

Threads like these make me miss the smartness feature.

you dont need to buy gold anymore

just pm me, i have some keys to give away

I cant even play rust! I have a MAC! So, how bout you just get excited to get the game. I need to buy a convertor to convert my mac to a PC.

I would like to buy gold too, but not to get a key, to help out the forums.


I miss the ‘inviite-only’ feature

I love how you have gold and registered just this month :V

I don’t think Garry post keys anymore on gold, he has posted daily like 20 keys and now he doesn’t posted any key since 6 days ago.