I wanna get more into mapping

I’m not super new to the mapping aspect of source, never finished many projects but i know my way around hammer. I really want to get more into mapping and making maps/gamemodes for s&box and i’m hoping to be nominated or given a key to start working on maps for the game for when it releases.


If you have not yet posted anything in the Discord or here on the forums showing your work even on projects that are still a work in progress, do not expect to be nominated.

There are people/groups on here and Discord who have been posting for months or years and have plenty of work to show.

Even then lots of them still do not have access to the development version.

If you do a quick search here on the forums you will notice lots of low quality posts asking for keys. They are instantly ignored.

I highly suggest working with Half-Life: Alyx tools to get a handle on working with maps.

If you can’t afford the game you will just have to wait for when s&box gets released on Steam.

There is also this playlist on YouTube created by the Eagle One Development team that also might help. Here is the original forum post. Source 2 Hammer 101 Crash Course tutorial series playlist (regularly updated)


Good news for you is that you don’t need s&box to start mapping for it! Like the other comment said, you can follow Chimona’s guide and prototype maps using hammer2 already.

Source 2 Hammer 101 Crash Course tutorial series playlist (regularly updated) for reference


Afaik they have stopped giving out new keys


I want s&box so i have the assets do u think i can get those anywhere?


I may not exactly have this correct so please bear with me.

Most of the current assets in s&box are being ported from Rust by Facepunch. If you have that game you could try porting over assets from there. I’m sure there is a tutorial somewhere which explains on how to go about it.

Other assets are being taken from Half-Life: Alyx as well.

Any other assets you see are either custom made or ported from elsewhere.

If I have any of this information incorrect please someone correct me.

There is also this post which talks about porting Quixel Bridge assets into the Source 2 engine of Half-Life: Alyx. Quixel Bridge Source 2 Importer


S&Box doesn’t really have that many original assets (if any) so Rust and Half Life: Alyx are generally where you should be drawing from.


Since some people are getting the wrong idea, I want s&box so I can use the assets they have put in and use those. I don’t wanna kinda guess what they’re adding and add it.


All the assets s&box has right now are not completely fit for mapping, it’s like pants and concrete barriers, nothing useful for mapping.


That’s mainly the stuff i want

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Wouldnt HLA be a bad place to draw from since we dont have access to those assets in s&box? A lot of Rust assets are available already but they don’t own HLA so they cant add those in. I’m not sure how he would be able to get the currently used assets but he could always bring in his own custom ones.

Good point, so yeah Rust is probably the best source.

At this stage, I would recommend you look into doing whiteboxes of map design, rather than looking at detail work with props.

Whiteboxing is when you don’t use assets and block out your geometry for the entire map instead, this would help you get used to the tools, along with map design basics such as sightlines, architecture, section timing, etc.

You can generally just use cubes to make rough locations of where props will go.