I wanna learn to model ragdolls and props!

First of all, I have searched Facepunch for a decent thread of learning how to make models, ragdolls, props, etc for GMOD, spend about 3 days to find one. All I get were software Like 3DS MAX, Photoshop, Milkshape, and GIMP are necessary for making or porting models in Gmod.

Second, I only understood .vmt files as textures but do not know what are they for, .mdl is the model itself right?

Third, what software do you recommend for a beginner in 3D modeling?

My future in this is in your hands!!! Thanks in advance for at least lending a hand in this tread!

.vmt is the texture settings, you can manage your textures in this file with VTFEditor and add bump maps, phong, specular maps, to your textures, but remember the main texture file is .vtf!

.mdl is the model, right yo

for a beginner in 3d modeling I would recommend Blender or 3dsMax 2010 full version

Hope that is one part of your help.

Thx, I will buy those software and start editing stuff. Another question, how can I edit the citizen models from Half-Life 2? Do I need decompiler to edit .mdl files?

I think you need…

Not sure about that


here’s a site with decompilers, compilers and other useful stuff. Hopefully it’ll help you.

What is the pro & cons between Blender and 3Ds Max? Oh and G-Strogg, thank you for the link!

Blender’s free, 3DS Max is like 3 grand.

I use XSI 7.5.

Please, for fuck’s sake, don’t “learn” by just hacking random shit. Don’t decompile a HL2 citizen and don’t edit it.

Actually make stuff from scratch.

Yeah, I do want to learn to model from scratch, I’m just benchmarking with the citizen models so I can get an idea or two on how to make models like half-life 2 models, not from out of proportion models that looks ugly. I am sorry if I offended you in anyway.

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What is rigging?

Which version of Max is better for modelling/headhacking?

I don’t know, that’s why I started this thread.

I’ve downloaded Blender since 3DS max is way too expensive for me. I’ll update this thread on my progress…

Compiling into the game

Thx GhillieBacca, may I add you into my friendlist?

Valve uses XSI mod tool for its models which is a free version of softimage you can get it here:

Also I would reccomend these tutorials:

good luck! :slight_smile:


Of course man

Rigging isn’t compiling into the game. It’s Essentially connecting the mesh to a skeleton. Compiling to the game is rather QC work instead.

Thank you for the videos shad0w440!

What is QC?

A QC file is a script which controls the process of compiling SMDs into a binary model that can be loaded into a game. The extension stands for Quake C, the programming and scripting language from which the Valve Data Format was originally derived.

an example of qc for a source engine model would be:

$modelname “props_sdk\myfirstmodel.mdl”
$body mybody “myfirstmodel-ref.smd”
$surfaceprop combine_metal
$cdmaterials “models\props_sdk”

$sequence idle “myfirstmodel-idle.smd” loop fps 15

$collisionmodel “myfirstmodel-phys.smd” { $concave }

Yes you will need to learn the Quake C programming language to complete models,
sorry :wink:

How do you make a collision model? Does source generate one on its own or do you have to do one?

For ragdolls, it’s quite hellish and you make them yourself. For regular props, it’s autogenerated if you use $collisionmesh (iirc that’s the command, not sure)

Go to the Valve Developer Community, it has lots of information.