I wanna make you a texture!

Alright, this is now a thread for people who can’t make textures but want custom textures. You can ask anyone, and they can choose to do it or not. I will try and contribute as much as possible.


Kuros texture



Maybe a huge Vault-Tec logo, like you would find on the floor of a lobby of a huge corporate building?

Please supply a photo of the image you want made into a texture, I will try my best. Picture is a MUST!

Maybe a 2048x2048 vectored version of this with alpha and some light wear?

Realistic detail sprites

as a decal or a normal texture?

As a decal,I guess.

I think it should also have a round background as well behind the logo. Maybe some marble?

If you could make that yellow texture I would love you.


With the logo on it? With the door and everything? or just make a tile-able texture of the yellow?



There ya are, one is destroyed and one is clean.

Just extract the entire folder into your materials folder.

Also added it to the OP

I got a tricky one for you that i’ve been wanting for some time now. This street texture:

Would appreciate it alot if you could make it!!

Preferably the stoop texture and the parking space textures aswell!

Nah without the logo just the yellow part.

Thought you were offering to do actual texture artistry :frowning:

would you be able to make the pavement there with the kerb bit too as a texture?



Getting off for now, I will do more textures when I get back.

He’s not coming back

It’s not quite the same texture. The way the bricks are layed and the color and the the bricks are a tiny bit longer on the pic, but it’s better than what i had before, thank you.

Have you thought about the stoop and parking lots?


I’ll do a FEW for you guys if you want. Maybe

Ok Janooba nice simple one for you can I get this:
but bigger as a decal?

edit: Can I get it as a normal texture too actually.

I made the yellow texture and the Lakeside Motors decal for you. Use them as you will.

http://filesmelt.com/dl/Wall.rar -FIXED (Only the Yellow wall)

I love you!