"I wanna play a game" Girl trapped + BONUS

SAW-related picture :smile:




Cool, is that mask a model?

Isolate before dodge/burn.

Yeah it’s from this pack: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=867393

Sucks the franchise has become a cash-cow milked dry.

wouldn’t wanna be in that mask

I don’t like the writing. For some reason it does not really fit with the wall with perspective.

Should be more violent with blood, creepy dolls, chainsaws, televisions with puppets in em’.
But it ain’t bad.

Jigsaw is my superhero. :smiley:

Shit, the people of the shocking poses megathread are gonna have a blast with the SAW stuff Lillwasa ported :stuck_out_tongue:

Do as JurajIsNotPirat said, but the atmosphere of the pic is creepy, looks cool.

I ain’t Jurat.

Your name is weird, is not my fault :saddowns:

I never saw the movie nor played the game, what the hell is that on her head?

Check the Bonus picture too. And thank you.


It’s reverse beartrap. When it launches, her head is… well… gone.

oh… creepy!
nice job mate

H1N1 mask. No worries.

Thank you all for the comments!

Juraj, Common slovakian name. Pronounced Yooray.

I don’t think jiggsaw would actually write “wanna” on the wall, more like “I want to play a game”.

He isn’t some american italian gangster.

Well, first i thought that i add TV screen behind of her and photoshop Jigsaws doll in TV.