i wanna play rust pleas help

where can i get the game or the key ?

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky" - postal))

Wait until it’s released, garry doesn’t need anymore testers. Read the sticky.

If it’s allowed to share account i would give you a try-out.

Easiest way to get banned, you’re lucky you got a key - don’t waste it.

it is allowed as soon as you don’t sell it. Can I try it? If so, please add me on skype: denver_ltd


(User was banned for this post ("random key begging" - postal))

It isn’t allowed, and you will get banned for it. What have you done hera! You’re unleashing a share-beg apocalypse.

you can give me a account for trial ?

Shay, it’s not allowed - and you’ll get him auto-banned for doing it. Stop being impatient and wait until it’s released.

ok im sorry…when the game is released?

why do you people even want to play it in the state it’s in?

just wait til release my god.

Yeah, I’d laugh if one of them finally got a key and realized it won’t play on their computer and is buggy as fuck.


Can i borrow it i would love to try rust

_ if would be nice :slight_smile:

Stop asking him - he isn’t going to give it you. His account will get auto-banned if he logs in from another locaton.

What a bullshit you just said, rofl

And you don’t even have the game. Judging by your posts you are probably a kid. Haven’t seen a helpful post from you since ever.

c an please have rus tical keys XD