I want a button that respawns a func_breakable after It has been broken, how do I do this?

Lets hope it’s in the right section this time.

Lets say BlockA is my favorite func_breakable brush, and we want to get married
But, we had a recent fight lately and I hit her with a crowbar, it then broke.

How would I create something in valve hammer editor to get it back by pressing a button?

Look into point templates.

So I would set one of the template values to the breakable entity’s name and wire up a button to the ForceSpawn Input?

Yes sir.

You might want to make it so when the func_breakable spawns it locks the button so it can’t be spammed, if that’s what you want. Then have it so when the func_breakable is broken, it just unlocks the button.

If you want OP I can make a tutorial for you, I needed an idea and this is one I can do for you?