I want a little help about making videos

I want a little help about making gmod vids
I want to make some action movies, inlcuding soldiers shooting, car - tank combat, maybe airplanes, o fcourse explosions. But i have no idea how to make the plot.
I made some action movies 2 years ago with a crap computer, but they didn’t have good plot.
Don’t tell me about hiding HUD, or other novice stuff. I know that.
I’ll try to put effort in these, like a month or so.

Here are my old vids


ok right off the bat, you must make sure that your computer runs pretty high FPS and you should increase the jpeg quality,
also, look into getting HD models/ textures, it will give it a clean, realistic look
and finally, you dont necessarily need a super complex plot, half the gmod movies i see have either no plot or a really REALLY crappy one, so don’t spend all your time on the plot, it can be as simple as “a bank robbery” or “terrorist attack”

PS. i like your scenebuild for the second one it reminds me of fallout :wink:

If you really, really want a plot, sit down, think of a story. Create something fast maybe, with a decent plot, but nothing major. Create characters. Give them certain personalities if you wish, so they stand out from each other in the video. It’s not as hard as it might sound. You just need to use your fantasy.

its ok if i film first person me shooting stuff?

It seems like your computer cant handle a recording program, so I suggest recording a demo in source recorder, playing that demo and using “startmovie h264” in the console to record that.