I Want A Model Of This Character As A Ragdoll For Gmod

This Is him http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=KylxTheCat#/d2bsx00

You noticed that making a model is hard work, right?

hes cool looking did you see the picture?

Oh God no way in hell is anyone on this forum going to model an entire character, let alone a FURRY. Sorry man but I would look somewhere else.

the stupidity and ignorance of this thread made gravity shift in my room. now I’m stuck in the ceiling, thanks OP

First: Your opinion.

Second: That looks terrible…god damn, nobody will model that, one reason is that it appears to be, like bull said, furry, and a lot of people reaaaaaally dont like these types of things.

You’d have thought your last two threads would have taught you a lesson.

It never ends with this guy


well if thats your preference then ok I have nothing against you for that weird obsession sir

And they don’t love you.

Troll. Move along.

Homosexuals are gay…

And people like you are fucking pathetic.

People who speak the truth?

“Homosexuals are gay” - Pure fact

No, just the fact that it was very stupid of him to make that post.


It’s a fact…You can’t blame me for stating the truth.

Another furry request…oh…

Making this “model” would require some very intensive and hard work.

I doubt anyone would make it.

I don’t think people blame you for that, they are blaming you for a useless comment, we all aready know this, no need to throw attention seeking posts on a thread thats over