I want a team...

I’ve been thinking about this ever since I bought Garrysmod not long ago but I really want to make a really short film, or at least try and set a scene involving the combine/citizen/resistance. I know there has been so many of these over the years but it’s nice to achieve something yourself, and I certainly can’t think of any ideas. This idea would involve NPC’s and other addons. I’ve just downloaded “Friendly Combine” to place around I see fit on RP_C18_v1/2 but it’s not as fun because you can’t program the Combine NPC’s to walk around or use emotes, like sitting down ect ect hence why I am posting this thread to help out.

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread/cliff-hanger thread title." - postal))

  1. If you know what you’re making is generic and has been done before, why even do it? It’s not hard to make something original, especially with all of the assets available with Garry’s Mod. Why do we need another boring HL2 skit? No one wants to work on something that’s been done >100 times before.

  2. What would you contribute if you don’t have any script, plans, ideas, addons/programs to assist, or anything valuable to the project? You don’t have a plan of action, and you want to achieve it yourself, but you aren’t doing anything besides asking others to do it for you. You can make NPCs follow paths and play animations, and there are multiple addons in both workshop and here that allow you to do that. There are literally tons of them.

  3. Why would you do this in Garry’s Mod when everything you’ve defined so far can be achieved in Source Film Maker with much higher quality and with all these tools available to you? It takes days to make in Garry’s Mod what you can do in SFM in a few hours.

Honestly, you’re going to need to present a reason why anyone should help you, especially when you’re doing something so archaic and frankly overdone. Be unique, be original, put in some real effort and research into what you need to work on this. We don’t need boring 'ol HL2 machinima, but even so, at least doing it in SFM would result in something that isn’t as common and has much higher quality standard.