I want create a simple deathmatch gamemode, but with a twist...

I want to start a basic gamemode, but I’ve never been able to successfully make one. I want to be able to create it myself from scratch. Here’s all the questions I need answered:
-What gamemode should I use as a base? (sandbox isn’t very good)
-How would I succesfully give a player a loadout they choose through a derma menu?
-How would I add Custom Sweps to this derma menu?
-How would I make it so the server plays music for everyone to hear, and how can make it happen depending on what team is winning?
-How can I make multiple winning/losing music be included?
-Can I add a function to let the player emit a sound when the player reloads/is low on ammo and be drawn for everyone else to hear?

Lots of people that i know who code Gamemodes and such say that Narwhal makes a good Gamemode base.

Most of the other questions should be asked in the lua scripting section.

Try to use the “base” gamemode. It’ll give you a much more professional outcome.

Also, rather than asking how to do certain things and what code to use, experiment around yourself. Lua is all about creativity and patience, if you want something done, find your own ways of doing it. Browse the wiki, check the FP Lua section constantly for questions similar to yours.
Read some e-books, try to actually learn Lua from the basics. Then start working on a really basic project, and when you feel like you’re satisfied with that, expand it.

Ya the base does offer a bit more freedom but if he is just starting i suggest looking at fretta. It has built in classes and menu’s.
And if you haven’t already look here http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Lua_Tutorial_Series has tuts for both fretta and base as well as some other useful things.

Thanks, everyone, but the tutorials don’t go that much in depth.
So far I’ve been able to create teams and give them a loadout, but How can I make it so they can make their loadouts out of a set of Custom Sweps I’ve made?

replace the weapon name with the name of the folder your weapon code is in.

i know that, i mean the player can choose between weapon set 1 or set 2, so they can choose between which weapons will be in the set

Ill help you code this… I actually have another person that was helping me do something like this but i like your idea better… we can be a team of 3 if you wanna do it :slight_smile:

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add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/UnitSop/

Another question, how do I emit a sound when a person spawns for the first time, and how do I make it so each team has a different sound?