I want FUN gamemodes, not another roleplay script.

Heres what I see upon opening my gmod server browser:

Roleplay and more roleplay. Count how many gamemodes don’t have “RP” in their names. And these are going from the most populated down, so this is most of Gmod’s community.

I fucking cry everytime I see a thread in the gamemode development section about a new “Super serious and super unfun” roleplay script promising to make you give birth to superman.

We need more fretta servers, spacebuild servers and more NON-RESTRICTIVE gamemodes. God bless Darkland for having Fort Wars but even that’s starting to die. What the fuck do people see in roleplay? It’s all restrictive bullshit and I honestly don’t get it. It’s not what people should expect when playing Gmod. Theres a whole fuckload of potential in this game and people waste it on the next “Epic RP script” instead of a cool building/deathmatch/SANDBOX/alloftheabove gamemode that is FUN and doesn’t have strict retarded fucking rules and admins that make me want to cry.


Even TTT is now a darkRP clone, due to how the rules are set and you just can’t do anything.

Here is a prime example of what happens:
Idiot 1: “Whoops, I killed a innocent”
Idiot 2, 3, 4 and so on: “RDMRDMRDMRDM”

I am not saying that TTT is shit or that I support RDM, it’s just that people act stupid on the tiniest thing in gmod.

But still, I agree with you, what I am seeing in gmod is darkRP plastered all over like shit covered on shit. gmod should be renamed to darkmod if this keep happening.

Come up with something then. I’d code a new gamemode with fun gameplay, but it has to be fun every round, like how noxiousnet zombie survival still has 40+ players each weekend.

The SGC Community’s Naval server kept me entertained for a while, I suggest y’all to try it.

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It has pretty strict rules though

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But yeah, I’d like to see more servers where you build things, then use them against/with other people. (e.g. Sledbuilding and SGC.

Naval Play is somewhat political happy(Aircraft Arming Debates/Serious Timeline Debates… Blah blah blah), but if you want a somewhat dedicated warfare server with RP element you can try it out.
As of the moment with Garry’s Mod we got quiet a bit of ‘mingey’ servers, but small time gamemodes should be given a try. Fretta, Sledbuild, Deathrun[Sas/Black Ops], and Surf are pretty fun.

Also, in regards to why people like RP… MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. Enough glitter with a so called RP Gamemode will get you money. PERP servers are the finest example of this… Make the donater status $15 for a physgun ability with some extra pay so people can wave their E-Cocks, and you laugh and gain profit. It’s makes me feel sick thinking of it sometimes, but being able to capitalize on people’s ability to e-cock is a very profitable business in GMod.

Noxiousnet is the only active community I know of that doesn’t revolve around roleplay.

I used to play on a fretta server. Gave up playing it because most of the people only wanted to play TTT, which is fine by me, but after playing I don’t know how many different maps, it gets so boring. And the douchebags are always voting for that gamemode, only rarely playing other stuff. That’s why I stopped playing gmod.

Can you guys leave some fun servermode names? Like, sledgebuild or flood, etc?

Roleplay is ok, but the roleplay we have now… it needs to go.

There is no middle ground, there isn’t an RP server that is actually fun and easy to get into while still having role-play, its either ‘Super Serious RP apply on our forums to get the ability to walk 5 feet’ or ‘sUpEr 1337 DaRk Rp DoNaTe PlS!1!!11!@@@’

What happened to condoning serious roleplay but being laid back to the point where it isn’t a constant drama fest of people calling out each-other.

Roleplay corrupts the mind. It makes you absolutely hate other players (when you do build for example the point is not to kill the other player and steal from, then rant at the other player for having no life when they rob you, but to build and comment on each others crap), it also take little to no skill whether or not you can make a huge 35 proped phx base, 70% of the players have aimbots anyways, with the other 30% saying “how do i downlode frome garrysmod.com?”. So overall unless you can make a successful RP that involves building, but no stealing, and that doesnt mean prop blocking is allowed but there is no point to “rob” other than to see inside the players mysterious base.

I thought that once i said RP sucks and i wasn’t talking about dark RP, id get instant banned or something. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates serious RP.

This man speaks the truth. I have always had most fun playing gmod as a sandbox on a day-to-day basis, but it shouldn’t be limited to construction. Some of the most fun I’ve had is playing simple little gamemodes like flood. I look at gmod rp/ttt much like I look at the late Call of Duty franchise. It’s in huge demand but it’s manotinous, frustrating, and far to serious for it’s own good. In short, it’s viable to be fun, but far too many fucks are given. TF2 is fun because it’s mostly played* for teh lolz* and some solid entertainment than a k/d spread. The only time I’ve had true fun playing CoD/Halo was when at the very least my entire team was comprised of people I knew well and on a personal level. I believe TTT had the potential to be a hilarious and entertaining addition, then it was taken seriously. Even an RP server has it’s place if it keeps it’s place rather than consuming as much as possible of the community so it will hold some sort of social status. Build servers like GGG can grow massive too, but they do far less jockeying for players, and regulars within these servers tend to form some level of community or brotherhood rather than the aimless, faceless competition we see in RP and TTT.

What it comes down to is playing to win or and playing for fun where winning is a circumstancial biproduct, and insubstantial in that. Since the overwhelming majority of us play games as entertainment and to relax, what sense does playing to win make when it’s fun we seek?

I said this a couple years ago. Nothing has changed since then. I’ve sent an email or two to garry about it, offering suggestions as best I could, but I don’t know if he’s even read them. Idk.

What I find best is role-play that doesn’t pit everyone against each-other outright, themes like HL2RP places everyone in a constant state of competition and turmoil, if you aren’t competing to get that prized CP/Rebel position, then you’re competing to get that promotion.

When I play games, I play to get rid of the constant competition of the real world and have some fun, not play a second life with, heres the twist, evil overlords who act exactly like your asshole boss!

I once role-played with a bunch of random people, we role-played with just our imagination and we were all on the SAME SIDE, that was 5 years ago, we became the best of friends and I still am in touch with some of them today.

Wouldn’t be so sure about that…
I joined a DarkRP server a few months ago and played for about 5 days as a gun dealer. I made about 40,000 dollars before it got pretty old and I just started handing out money and guns for free.

My dream is to someday get enough people to throw together a server running a modified DarkRP. None of the extra classes junk we have now (so many server I see jobs that give no benefits, yet doing /job isn’t enough). Some light-hearted and relaxed, think of a throwback to Gmod 9/Early LightRP.

I want sassilization back

A friend of mine use to run a server like that, just relaxed, never asked for donations just wanted people to have fun, if people killed one another he didn’t mind much, it was a really laid back server and the rules weren’t very strict.

Yes. Sassilization and Gmod tower. What the fuck happened to GMT? It’s server used to be populated as fuck and now you’re lucky if theres even 14-15 players on at once. And it was so fucking cool when I first played on it with my friends.

Support custom gamemodes then.

It’s difficult to run a successful server and compete with all the cut-and-paste gamemodes out there.
Invite your friends and play often.

It takes a lot of work to create a good gamemode and to have people play it, so when people enjoy a gamemode they enjoy, they should support it as much as possible.

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Theres a million of these already, you cannot make a unique DarkRP, every variation and attempt has been done, stop trying, it just contributes to the flood of DarkRP on the server list.

People will do what they see fun in, and they apparently see roleplay as a fun gamemode. I’m not defending them, but because you don’t understand roleplay doesn’t mean you should make a rant thread about how ‘stupid’ and ‘idiotic’ it is and how it’s ‘corrupting gmod’.

The many roleplay servers, however, is bad for the roleplayers too, because it’s stretching the playerbase of gmod far too thin.