"I want him dead!" Generic car chase/spy movie scenes



Anyone take a guess of my inspiration?

no pictures for me…

Well I’m seeing them, give it a moment.

Great camera angles and posing.

In the first one there are some aliasing issues.
In the second one, you should motion-blur the background instead of having the foreground motion-blurred and the background with depth-of-field. As they say - can’t see shit.

Need to work on your fingerposing

looks cool

the motion blur kinda rapes the second one IMO

Reminds me of a show, in Universal studios.
Good genericness here, sir.

The pics look pretty good.

i’m gonna guess at… Either the Killzone book, or… a movie that i don’t remember the title of.

Wrong, it’s the stunt show at Walt Disney World :stuck_out_tongue:

was your inspiration hello kitty?

jesus christ, someone resize that shitty balloon head balaclava.