I want my money back. Now.

Im tired of the cheaters and the hackers. I used to play on FP Texas II, way back when, until Mexican or w/e his name was ruined it for me, and all his little hacker friends. So I upped and moved to Rustafied.com server and guess what? Still a FUCKTON of hackers. Aimbot, walking through walls of my base even when I have 2 airlocked and CODELOCKED doors. Im tired of this bullshit - this is a really great game, but the cheaters ruin it. EAC catches maybe 1 in 20 hackers, and even then its usually just the fuckbois that google “rust hacks” - the guys who have been cheating all along will never get caught, and you bastards wont do a fucking thing about it.
So ban me, I don’t really care, worst case I report my purchase as FRAUD because I paid for something that isn’t being delivered, but hopefully you guys at FP either get your shit together and FIX the problem, or ill get my money back.

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Remember, that you bough Early Access game - the developers are focusing on developing the core features, and have for now outsourced the process of catching hackers to EAC.

I would recommend playing on a smaller community-run or modded server with an active admin. Hackers don’t last long on servers that have 2-3 admins on daily. Try to have video recording software handy so you can send your server admin concrete evidence if you find someone hacking, that usually helps their investigation and makes the process of kicking hackers faster.

Also, sometimes people just make mistakes when building bases - there are plenty mistakes someone can exploit to get inside a seemingly sealed-off courtyard bypassing airlocks.

Having an immature outburst is only going to get you banned here.

Consider that you bought into a game with a big warning right on the store page that tells you it is currently under development.

That means that you don’t get to have a refund just because you’re feeling pissy; the point of early access development purchases are to finance a game’s continued production. Getting a refund before it is finished, because it isn’t finished, is against the point of the system.

Your refund potential is within Steam’s limitations: Only if you’ve played it for less than two hours and have bought it in the past two weeks. Anything more than that is considered having gotten your money’s worth. In adult dollars, anyway.

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in short, you need less ranting and more understanding

This is why I avoid buying early access games. What you can do now, !MadMax!, is uninstall the game and wait for it to get released before playing it again.
By then, I’m guessing most of these issues would be fixed.
You bought an early access game that’s in it’s alpha stage, did you expect to get a full functioning game?
What you are doing is like watching a movie’s teaser trailer and then complaining that you didn’t like the movie.

You’re not going to get a refund for being pissy, but because clearly your have an inability to comprehend how effective EAC actually is and you’re more important than anyone else, you could always chargeback if you don’t want to support developers doing what they do and don’t care about your Steam account.

So, here is how you are going to get your money back:

  1. Request a chargeback through your bank. Purchased the game through your parents/friends? Guess you are shit out of luck.
  2. After the bank investigates the charge, and you have gotten your money back, Steam will blacklist your Steam account.
  3. Congratulations. You got your money back for Rust, on a flimsy principle, and now you have just lost access to the rest of the games that you bought.

yeah whatever you do don’t back this up with any facts or anything lol

m8 like it or not part of playing games online is occasionally running into cheaters. they can’t just snap their fingers and make them all vanish forever. they can just keep banning them over and over and make them keep rebuying the game until they give up.

Like others have said, having an immature rant isn’t going to get you anywhere here or in life generally!

You’re playing on official servers which attract all the hackers due to lack of moderation. Switch to a community server

Well since bears and animals can walk inside walls hackers are able to understand this bug and apply to their client some Russia guy has an youtube video somewhere showing how its done theres my 2 cents

Seen a player fly through a base and under the world tonight:

Most players I ban get EAC bans shortly after.

speedhack: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198267993778
flyhack: http://steamcommunity.com/id/kingpingvin/
flyhack: http://steamcommunity.com/id/GOATBREATHERBRUC/
flyhack: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198191040558
speedhack: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198292710201

the list goes on. for the most part, EAC does a great job. props for making our lives easier!

my suggestion is to play on a server with active admins. you’ll still run into hackers, but far less of them

Buys an Early access game demands money back because it dont works as intended.

I was playing TF2 yesterday as scout. The enemy team had a sniper that had aimbot, a spammer that flooded chat with [GET GOOD, GET LMAOBOX] with lots of spaces so it was the only thing you could see. His name changed to the exact same as someone else’s on his team LITERALLY every 30 seconds, and when I finally figured out which one he was and initiated a vote to ban, his hack instantly made the vote fail at the exact moment I initiated it. Obviously this stuff is pretty annoying and proves that TF2 is unfinished, right? I bought the Orange Box too, so I paid money for that game. Would you mind going to the TF2 forums and making this same post for me? I feel like I deserve a refund by your horrible, horrible logic.

well to be fair, valve is notorious for doing literally nothing about exploits in their games for months at a time, while garry & co are constantly on the case

everyone has pretty much explained this, but i feel the need to remind you anyway:

you bought an early access game, with a big disclaimer saying it was unfinished. you literally got what you paid for, how the hell do you think you are entitled to a refund?

that’s like buying a car, and demanding a refund because other drivers are dickheads. but in this case, it’s not even a finished car; it’s only just possible to drive it. just uninstall or don’t play. come back in a few months and see how things have changed. and realise that no game is without asshole hackers and cheats; the only thing a game can do is make it harder, or not worth the effort to cheat.

I want my money back. Now.

Doesn’t that make me look serious guys? I separated what I wanted to say with a period so that it made me look more menacing. Can’t you feel the seething punctuation through your monitor? You can imagine the ideal positioning of my eyebrows.

winner of the most ironic avatar for a post award :smug:

You never bought RUST.

You bought RUST EARLY ACCESS. Just remmember what you actually bought. You have no rights to demand 1 single dollar in return.


Rust Early Access is still Rust, dude. The game may still be in Early Access, but that doesn’t change what the title is.

Wait I had to pay for this?

Hahaha the “early access” excuse again! It’s almost been 3 years of early access guys… how long does it have to last before that excuse runs out?