i want my old alyx back!

my brother in his wisdom has been playing around and downloading things on a stupid level.

but now he’s gone too far, he’s replaced alyx with the alyx replacement that hasnt been hexed (the one with the cleverage on show).

not only that but now he’s tried to undo his handy work and destroyed that model so most of it is that pink and black texture and everything else on the model is a cross between the new version and the old version.

i want the old one back, is there anyway of that happening? as plain and simple as possilbe please.

Find any files in your model and material folders with the name “alyx” in (if you know the exact replacement that he has downloaded, redownload that and look at the file names and search for those)… Once you’ve found them, delete them and boot Garrys Mod. Things should be back to normal.

May sound a stupid suggestion, but have a look in your addons folder aswell.

sadly thats what my brother did that left me with this messed up pink and black version.

ive had a look thru what he deleted etc, and i cant see why its not back to the old alyx :frowning: its very odd

From what it sounds, the textures were deleted but not the actual model itself, or because it has become cached, you have 2 options which i think may work;

Do you have EP1/EP2 installed? Try unmounting them in GMod options, restart GMod, then run a random map, and then come out and then remount them in GMod options, and restart GMod once more.

Try cleaning out your garrys mod cache, assuming you are completely sure that you’ve deleted the materials/models for the replacement.

Ok first of all there is no cache in GMod10. Second, unmounting and re-mounting will do nothing.

You just need to delete the model from your models folder or somewhere in your addons.

What you need to remember is all of the actual game data such as models and materials from valve is put into cache files in the steam apps folder. The Gmod folder only has custom content you put inside, so what you want to do is find all the alyx files in the models and materials folder and delete them.

cheers guys, ill try and have a go, it sounds doable…even for someone like me haha

ill let you know how it goes :slight_smile:


sadly there is no hope, it seems my brother has managed (and i dont know how) to delete the original alyx form the game, i deleted the replacement files but now this just leaves nothing at all :frowning:

is there any chance (i duno how hard this would be for someone sorry) if anyone could upload the original alyx and make it so this replacement thing doesnt corrupt it.

i guess that way id still have this shitty pink and black alyx floating around, but atleast id have a normal alyx ragdoll for comics etc?

suggestion: reinstall HL2, ban your brother from using your pc again. or put a keylock on it so he cant start it :stuck_out_tongue:

What I usually do, if I’m too lazy to find all the files or can’t, for something I want to remove, I just redownload the model/skin, place it where it’s supposed to be, overwrite everything it asks. Then, I hit CTRL+Z and hit yes to deleting the files. It’ll remove them easily.

That, or set your Steam account to not remember your password, and change the password.

I love that method of doing it. Works everytime, and is much quicker than finding the files.

oooooooo i like both ideas…ive also come up with my own plan


ill see where this ctrl + z method gets me.

thanks once again guys, ill let you know :slight_smile:

ok, sorry about this…this is the ONLY “bump” ill ever do, i swear!

ive tried everything and nothing works. i think my bro deleted the original alyx files and all that is left are these new textures etc. coz her face has gone along with anything else that was on the original model.

is it possible for someone to upload the old alyx model upto anywhere, so i can download it?

is that even possible?


no. search for the files of alyx. nothing we can do. unless we upload warez

He CAN’T delete original model. It is in gcf file that can’t be edited. At least not by your bro, unless he works for valve. Just find ALL alyx related files and delete them. Or if you got nothing, just delete whole gmod dir and it will make a new one.

Search for alyx, delete all files called alyx. Done.


It’s impossible for the original files to be deleted.

thanks, pray for mojo people!

Why does it matter anyway, alyx is annoying to look at

safe everything in addons and reinstall garrysmod. Why no one posts the files here?

I know last post was in june but i wont make a new thread.
I’ve got the same problem, i deleted the reskin in my ep1 folder than i went to desktop and realised that…i havnt made the backup of alyx files. I’ve deleted all of alyx files in ep1 folder but steam dont make any update and still i got the pinky…blacky squares. I also did reinstall, i had the files but still there was no textures. Any ideas?