I want my Sandbox derived gamemode to have my own tools and exclude the default ones. How would I do that?

As the title says… I want to be able to recreate my own tools by copying the current ones and editing them as I wish.

Where would I place the tool files? How would I get the default ones not to show up?


E: Talking about Toolgun tools :v

Just copy the toolgun over to your gamemode and remove the default tools but keep one for reference if you need it.

What do you mean by copy the toolgun? What files specifically, and to where?

Anyone? ;-;

One question. Why would you want to do that exactly?

We (Vioxtar and I) are working on a gamemode that is heavily based on sandbox, but we don’t want to include all of the tools found in vanilla sandbox. We have a whitelist of tools we want to include and want only those to show up in the Q menu.

That guy^ and I are creating a gamemode which is very much similar to normal Sandbox (derived from it) and still uses the spawn menu and the like. But the current toolset doesn’t really fit the ‘building style’. We want to remove certain tools from the Q menu, but I alone want to experiment with recreating tools like the weld or axis tool for the sake of balance, by adding things like permanent force limits, strength limits, distance limitation, and the like.

We’re basically giving Sandbox balance and turning it into a deathmatch.

e: ninjad

So really what I want to do is A. Remove whatever tool we don’t like with the least messy code, and B. Add our own tools. We’re both new to coding for Gmod and couldn’t find our ways.

I have never coded a gamemode, but can I help you with it? Also, I’m searching everywhere I can for this tool thingy.

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Also, I think you can remove the tools by looking on sandbox files, so take a look to the server sandbox files and search for the tools you don’t like to be used