I want PHX3, but with SVN, I don't get SVN Checkout.

When I right click my PHX3 folder, there isn’t an option for me to proceed to SVN checkout, even though I have TortiseSVN. I don’t get the checkout on any other folder either. The computer I am using is Vista, not sure if that changes anything. Any help?


Anyone at all?


Please? Anyone at all?

Have you restarted your computer after installing TSVN?

You might also want to try out GMAN:

I have tried restarting, but it still didn’t work. I’ve uninstalled it, restarted my system, then reinstalled it, and restarted again, and it didn’t work.

Did you download 64 bit for a 32 os, or vise versa?

No, I got the 32 bit, and I have the 32 os. I should note that all of the other functions of “TortiseSVN” work just fine, it’s just that the checkout won’t appear when I right click.

Ok so if you have TSVN installed and can access its context menu. ( right click anywhere) goto options, context menu and make sure the checkbox at checkout is checked.
Some one might have turned this off if you had it installed before.