I want this were not bad

I want blowguns, gather with cactus needles fly agaric smear and shoot poisonous needles with tube on the bare asses)

Fly Agaric? - I’m pretty sure i’ve ingested that and it’s not that bad :stuck_out_tongue:

That would depend on the setting and people around at the time :pwn:

Imho it should be cactus needles smeared with liberty cap paste. At least your opponent can have a lovely colourful adventure on his way to the grave lol

does it make me evil that my thought is not mushroomy goodness, but fermented fecal matter to really make them hurt?:wink:

the blowgun is a cool idea either way:)

Fly Agaric mushrooms, (the ones growing on the sides of trees in rust), are hallucinogenic and poisonous, (although rarely fatal), but boiling them removes the psychoactive substances, and they are quite commonly eaten in parts of Europe, Asia, and North America, (after boiling!).

It would be funny if ingesting them “in game” produced an episode of psychedelic hallucinations followed by nausea, lol.