I want to believe


I want to believe we’ll have a bigger, more stable, more functional, more feature-complete game capable of sustaining player interest and population for more than 3 weeks at a time… all before precious development cycles are spent creating makeshift jalopies to joy-ride from one no-place-in-particular to another no-place-in-particular on one of three roads.

I agree cars would be cool but there’s so many other more fun things to work on and implement first not to mention the number of balance and bug issues the dev team have to contend with

No cars. Not if everyone can make them. All they will become is targets.

I want rusty dirtbikes… tbh… motocross madness style

Dune buggies.

I get the reference. But really, this should be a poster, right? :smiley:

Wow, thanks for response, guys! And you can join and play Rust ) A have a cool server :wink:

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Can I imagine this poster…


Why bother with cars, when you can ride bears?

this thread was full of surprises

This bear looks dead. I’m not sure this is the kind of “riding” people have been asking for :stuck_out_tongue:

To ride dead bear:

  1. Find and kill bear.
  2. Find and kill T-800М (T-1000 is not suitable).
  3. Integrate parts from T-800, T-850 or T850M into dead bear body.
  4. Reactivate your brand new “Riding Bearminator”.
  5. Have fun :wink:

nah, he’s just sleeping. carrying people is hard work.

The cars will be awesome. When the team puts their heads together, and work very hard, not to just make the deadline on an update, on one thing, amazing things happen. It will eventually happen, possibly even airplanes(don’t get your hopes up). Boats definitely.

For the record, that bear was very much alive. Bugged and frozen, but still growling.

Not needed now and probably not needed ever. Why ask for cars when there is so much more basic stuff needed for the game - like electricity?

How I can set label “Optimistic”, “Funy”, etc?

Next poster in that series:


Once you get 30 (35?) posts, you can rate people’s posts from a little widget that appears when you hover over their post.

Thank you for information

Make sure you come back and tag it “informative” after you get enough posts. :smiley: