I want to buy a Custom DarkRP edit

I want to buy a Custom DarkRP edit please leave the price below with what it will contain

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Change variable names.

No sorry that is a bit too much.

You’re new here. People here pretty much hate DarkRP and you’re asking for another edit of it. Plus the fact that you’re willing to pay for something that you can do yourself for free with a bit of knowledge.

Yea just edit it yourself, Its not hard at all

Monkeysz Inbox me what you really need & want.

I’ve just spoke to Monkeysz, he is quite new to the forums and I have directed him to different locations.

Don’t even try it, 4 poster.

At least someone is nice. :slight_smile:

$40, It got’s ATM, custom jobs, car dealer, Ulx, a lot of printers, vip only jobs, vip only printers, vip only cars, its out of beta, all entites where coded. Well, Just come on my server tell me if you like, if you want me to add something more to the server just ask… PS: i maybe am missing some addons i forget a lot… IP to my server: delahk.no-ip.biz

a few of those things are just addons that are pretty easy to add to a darkrp, and jobs/ vip things arn’t hard to add either. so no offence but i think that isnt worth $40

and Monkeysz if you want to edit a darkrp i’d suggest checking out the garrys mod wiki. there is alot of useful information on there for new coders. and most of the code on there has explanations.

You realise that even though he only has 4 posts, his account is 7 months old?
Also, neither post count, nor join date are indications of his lua skills?