I want to buy Garrys Mod, a few questions first!

Hello, i’m looking to buy Garrys mod today, and i’d very much like to know what its all about, obviousy i know its sandbox game with no real objective, but recently i have been watching mynameischowders Garrys mod stream on justin tv and he and his friends have been playing cops vs everyone else on RP servers, is this the norm? Are most servers RP’ing ones? Is there many servers to choose from when playing and is there lots of serious servers where big things are built? Is there voice chat intergrated into the game so i can use a mic and talk to everyone else playing the game at the same time to me? (As well as text chat?) and what copy of Garrys mod shall i buy off steam? I’m told their different depending on what you buy the game with? I want to just be cheap and easy and buy Garrys mod on its own from Steam, but i’m told i need one of the other games too use it? I can only find Counter Strike + Garrys mod on steam, should i get that?

Thats all the questions i’ve got, hope you can be of help asap so i can get the game and get playing!

Theres alot of different gamemodes, the first was Sandbox, witch you already know, there are some RP servers, but don’t get tied up in the RP communities unless you like drama.

The game uses sources voice system, so it’s like talking in CS:s, tf2, l4d2 etc.
I reccomend getting the CS:s + Gmod bundle, you’ll have CS:s + the content for Gmod, it used to be either a CS:s+gmod bundle or a tf2+gmod bundle, but now that tf2’s free, theres no point, enjoy the content I guess.

Most servers are sandbox or roleplaying, but there are also plenty of other gamemodes.

Yeah, it’s pretty populated, plenty of servers to choose from.

It has microphone support, you can talk to anyone on the server, or use the steam voicechat system if you wish to speak to your friends only.

All source games support microphone

And yes, you need a source game for garrysmod to work (Counter Strike: Source, half-life 2, day of defeat source, etc)

You should get the CS:S+Gmod pack from steam if you’re new.

Gmod doesn’t need a source game to work now, tf2’s free so it’s pretty much a standalone game now.

I personly suggest getting the valve complete pack. Then buying garrys mod as its own thing. (60$ in total) but yes if you want the cheapist thing that CS+GMOD would do the trick. You might get errors now and then but if you get the complete pack you will get no errors. The game has voice as well as talk. There are TONS of servers. there are RP ones but there are building ones and deathrun bhoping deathmatch zombies. anything you can immagine. (the best game ever) And may i say welcome.

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TOO many errors if you dont have CS

  1. Yes, there is voice chat and normal text chat.
  2. There is only one copy. But what game content you get depends on what games you have (for example if you have CSS + GMod, you get CSS content, but not TF2, DoD:S, etc)
  3. There are lots of different gamemodes. From TTT, Zombie Survival, trough Sandbox and million variations of roleplay, to basewars and flood.

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But, as a free game does not come with the SDK, which means you can’t use it for GMod.

Tf2 comes with the SDK…

After the uber update, it dosen’t.

It’s probably best to buy the CS:S and GMOD pack as lots of servers use CS:S content and if you don’t, on rp then you will get lots of checkerboards.

Get CSS+Gmod and try all the gamemodes.

Here are some quick overviews:

Roleplay (RP) is roleplaying as a character. Some don’t like it, others do.

Sandbox, you do whatever you want.

Build, you build shit.

Trouble in Terrorist Town, a unique gamemode I recommend, just do a google search for the website and more info. (requires CSS)

There’s much more, and just so you know TTT comes with gmod now so you won’t need to download it.

Murder was the best gamemode, no more servers with it anymore though :frowning:

There is no gamemode called “build”, that is sandbox.

Does it really matter?
I thought it was a helpful post.

It could confuse him going out to look for a non-existant “build” gamemode.

If you wan’t the full Gmod Experience, Buy every single source game, The reason why is a lot of MultiPlayer servers require content from Mainly Hl2 Ep1 n 2 and sometimes even portal, Plus some downloaded maps and ragdolls won’t work if you don’t have some source games.

People call them “build” servers on the server list, I don’t want him looking for a non-existant “sandbox” server to build on :downs:

What you actually do in the sandbox mode can be anything, building is just one of them.

Yes exactly the valve complete pack

I do believe there is a difference between:

Build - Build your own car, plane, boat or house.


Sandbox - Experiment with physics and stuff.

No. Sandbox is a GAMEMODE, build isn’t. Building is one of the many things you can do in sandbox.

You don’t get it.

He’s saying Sandbox is the gamemode but what the server uses that gamemode for is different.

For example, build servers use the sandbox gamemode but you build on them.

Another server might be sandbox and just let you fuck around and do anything.