I want to buy gold, afraid of ban

Like the title suggests I want to buy gold to support the game, I’ve been having a lot of fun playing it since I already have an account so I don’t want to buy gold for some kind of advantage to get a key.
There’s two problems:
1st: You can’t buy gold atm. (probably the most crucial problem)
2nd: If I were able to buy gold, then I don’t know if I would want to. Only because I’ve been banned for short periods for reasons such as “stupid reply”. I understand that you’re tired of all the newcomers who come here and buy gold only to get a hold of a key for Rust. But I really only want to support the game development.

The point of this post is so that you stop being so judging.

boostar money doesn’t go to rust

it goes to paying for this wonderful amazon ec2 server


It’s not unfair judgement, most of the newcomers from Rust just buy gold and then spam threads/posts asking for keys, plus the fact most of them are retards anyway.

Also, you replied to a thread where people where talking about female characters with:

Which is a pretty fucking dumb post, so don’t moan about an unfair ban.

Spare money go to the game devs :slight_smile:
The server doesn’t cost more depending on how much money they get from people buying gold.

You probably shouldn’t be making stupid replies then.

I totally agree, but I haven’t spammed to get any keys. I’ve been looking for one fair and square.
I got one fair and square aswell.

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I guess that’s a fair conclusion. But that’s not the only reason I’ve been banned. I’ve been banned just because they’ve seen I’m new and just talking around on the forum. This is my second account.

(User was permabanned for this post ("Please, wait out the ban on your first account." - Swebonny))

garry has said previously any that doesn’t go to a mod goes right back to paying the servers

he doesn’t really make any real amount of money from boostar

People have to have some kind of humor?
Afterall, the whole thread was a freaking joke.

fyi using an alt to avoid a ban is permabannable hehe

I wouldn’t be going around on an alt account avoiding a ban, that isn’t usually a good idea. They don’t ban you because you’re new, they ban you because you make stupid replies.

What was your other account, because it’s highly unlikely you were banned for just being new.

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For people’s sense of humour to react to something, it actually has to be funny and not insulting, and just going “lel women belong in the kitchen” is just dumb.

Okey fine, it was stupid.

Now you’ve realised that, learn from your mistake, and you’ll fit in fine. It’s pretty much how everyone on FP started out, and i’m no exception, I made dumb-shit posts and got banned for them.

You should definitely buy gold when you can
it’s amazing
my life really started once I got it

Have you even visited any other part of this forums or only the rust forum? If thats a no, then I’d suggest you do so before buying something that supports the forums of a whole and not just because you like a alpha game the devs are working on.

That’s why I want it :slight_smile:

This, you really need to visit other parts of the forums and learn a bit more about them before you just jump into Gold Membership, while it’s not necessary, it’ll definitely help knowing a bit more.

I have been to other places than the Rust forums yes, however, mostly on the Rust forums.

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Thanks, it’s pretty much the first forum I’ve wanted to be/been a part of.

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Sorry mods, useless thread.
We can let it rest in peace now.

Garry has millions, giving him $10 from buying gold isn’t going to help him at all.