I want to change the crosshair, but I can't find the file with it

Hello! More specifically, I know that the crosshair itself is a character from the HALFLIFE2.ttf font in GarrysMod\garrysmod\resource, BUT! Even if I somehow change Q (a crosshair is drawn on this key), it does not change in the game itself! I found another HALFLIFE2.ttf file along the path GarrysMod\sourceengine\resource, BUT! Even if I change the crosshair in both files, it won’t change in the game! This means that some other file is responsible for it and I want to know where it lies in order to change it. Maybe it is in some vpk file (although I didn’t even find it there) or somewhere else. I ask you for help! I want to finally finish this topic, because. not for the first time I want to change the scope to normal, but nothing happens. I will be very grateful for the answer!

Pls, help someone

You may want to ask on the official Garry’s Mod Discord, someone may have attempted the same modification as you.

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