I want to create a darkrp server

So guys I would like to run a server (DarkRP) my going to keep it semi-serious
and i’m going to be on all the time. I just need some help in knowing what I have to do make a successful game. I have alot of the stranded addons (Madcows Wire PHX) and i’m going to download the Darkrp,classmaker and assmod.


And any suggestions for addons?

Keep it nice and simple, dont add to many shit like drug mod.
Did add some build tools like stacker?

Don’t use PHX because believe it or not, not everybody has PHX and seeing errors in the server is just annoying.

Whats stacker?

Who the hell doesn’t have PHX?

Semi-Serious DarkRP servers don’t work

If you want serious RP, HL2RP is the only good option.

HL2RP Sucks dick, You can have a good semi-Serious DarkRP as long as there is a good admin and non shitty minge players you’re good.

Well there’s your problem.

I say mingebags make about 25 percent of the player base or less,
But since they are more visible to people they seem to have a large population
when they don’t and besides if a good admin is on he counteracts mingebaging.


Say around 60%


It’s a shame really.

60 Percent ?! Maybe back in the days gmod9 But now is has to less then 30.
The move to make gmod not free filtered out alot of mingebags.

I own a darkrp server so i know what simple addons you basically need :smiley:

----------- Tools -----------

  • Stacker Tool
  • Advanced Stacker
  • Door Tool
  • Unbreakable Tool
  • Waterizer Tool
  • Weight Tool
  • Easy Precision Tool
  • Wing Tool
  • No Collide Multi Tool
  • Smart Welding Tool
  • MoneyDetector Tool
  • MoneyDetector Ranger Tool
  • Conna’s Tools
  • Buoyancy Tool
  • Keypad Tool

Those Ones Can Be Found At: http://www.garrysmod.org/

----------- SVN Packs -----------

  • PHX3
  • Wiremod

Those Ones Can Be Found At: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=SVN_Links

----------- Others -----------

  • Smart Snap
  • PlayX
  • AntiCrash V1.2
  • Youtube Player
  • Maps…
  • Adv. Dupe Pack 2,3,4 (For Public Folder)
  • DurgzMod

Those Ones Can Be Found At: http://www.garrysmod.org/

----------- Admin Stuff -----------

  • Xgui (Simple To Control Groups And Stuff)
  • Uppl (To Block Some Stuff)
  • UnoLimited (So admins can go path anything threw limmits)

Those Ones Can Be Found At: http://forums.ulyssesmod.net/index.php/board,15.0.html

you should just remove the sandbox spawn menu all together and make a little menu with only a few props to choose from, like fences and doors and other base props. That way they can’t spawn huge buildings or use dumb tools.

Fixed, That is good for a Semi-Serious server. (Or for a Regular server)

Do you own a rp server?

I used too. I actually only had a few stuff on there that you listed, maybe 3 or 4.

As i reviewed it you removed wiremod/phx3 and other good stuff. Because you want him to fail or something? What you did to my list was not cool -.- i know whats right for darkrp and stuff. Owning server for 1 year and still rocking as what i got.

Get ULX, CSS weapons and shipments, drugsmod and custom jobs. Dont ever get PHX or Wire, your server will turn into 10 year olds building shit everywhere.

PHX and Wire are pretty awesome when used in the right way. Sadly, most of the time it will instead be used by an 8 year old to make a giant wooden penis that spins around with 1000 thrusters attatched to it and randomly hits and kills people.

PHX/Wire are use full in darkrp servers. Because then your less props which will = less lag. Without PHX3/Wiremod you cant make do shit. just make lag for server. But for people who are new to gmod just suggest wiremod/phx3 svn so they dont see errors all the time.