i want to create manually ascending descending platforms that descend when the user leaves it (and a lot of them)

I remember using hammer years ago where copypasting would change the name of the thing you copy/pasted and increment (or example if I copied block it’d become block1 then block2, and so on…) on each copy paste. CS:GO SDK doesn’t seem to do that, and so making individual platforms that disappear when they stop being touched, is much harder. I can’t find an easy way to mass produce func_breakables and trigger_multiples that are linked to eachother and only eachother. I tried using a func_door but I couldn’t figure out a way to get ascend (or start ascended) once and once touched and untouched descend again. I’ll make a gif in a bit of what I want if my explanation does not do justice. Oh, and if this isn’t the right place, sorry.

here’s a video of kind of what i want (but for each and every platform)

Use paste special: ctrl+shift+v “Make entity names unique” should do what you want.

Next time you might want to use the Question Megathread.

I didn’t see that thread, thanks.