I want to disable human cannibals unless you make a pygmy player race.

It doesn’t make sense in a survival game with a white European player model to eat human flesh unless he was one of the few in a airplane crash in a Himalayas.
So why not add a pygmies culture player model for eating humans… so make a option for human flesh on servers a true or false option…

Throughout history Cannibalism hasn’t only been associated with “pygmies”. Almost all cultures, including “white Europeans” have participated in some form of cannibalism.

Since this is a kind of post-apocalyptic survival game why wouldn’t you have people resort to cannibalism?

Everyone knows that white people can’t be cannibals, duh!

or jump. or dance. man, we just suck at life in general then:(

I look forward to my future life as a white virtual-cannibal living in a dank cave. I don’t care about guns, or C4, or raiding - I just want to eat people.

We should as well make an option for disabling animal meat so the vegetarian players don’t feel offended.

Now seriously… how dumb is that!? Rust is a survival game. It’s supposed to be brutal. You are going to see dicks, you are able to shoot, stab, slay, slaughter and eat people, keep them trapped like slaves until they suicide and whatnot. If you’d rather like to play a cheerful happy unicorn simulation for twelve year olds, this is not the game you want.

Nevermind Pygmies aren’t cannibals.

It would be fun to get all the body parts starting with the good meat and ending by the lungs and shit when you hatchet a corpse, that way people would leave old rotting corpses to feed on by the nakeds that are most hungry. I wish corpses left skeletons for days or weeks even. It would be a kind of warning when you venture in a nice calm wooden area.

Well with all the animals I don’t see why a freshly washed to shore survivor would resort to eating other people. I’d kill a wolf first before I resorted to this.

Then again it’s a game.

Can’t help but think of growing some garlic and rosemary and searing a bit of fillet mignon in my metal fragment frying pan. Leave the gristle for the nakeds.

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But if you eat them you get their strength.

What? Where the hell did you get the idea pygmies are cannibals?

Why did you put Pygmies in quotes?! …and what the hell do you mean “hasn’t only”, I think meant “hasn’t ever”.


Now go back to playing “the forest”, your idea is terrible.

Speaking of which, anyone else hear the forest just came out with multiplayer?

I wish you could save body parts like trophies and it tattoos the players name on the leg limb or part you keep. That way you could hang all the parts of dead people you’ve eaten or killed from your walls and ceiling.

Unless someone raids you, you keep their body parts as trophies. If they want to get the 3 heads off the wall that has their name on it, they need to have a successful raid and destroy them.

It’s true. It’s rough right now and connection issues, but it’s in.

It only supports 2-4 players in Coop mode, the majority of people who like that game are dead set on it remaining a single player like experience = mp will never happen in that game imo.


At the least i’d like to be able to put players decapitated heads on a spike out side my base, it could be setup in a way so the only people who can destroy them are the victims and the person who murdered them.


this idea is actually pretty good, anything to intimidate/deter other players is always good.

By the way, it was The Andes mountains, and they were not Anglo Saxon.

By the way, Europeans historically liked a bit of human meat here and there. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/europes-hypocritical-history-of-cannibalism-42642371/