I want to download PHX/Wiremod. I don't know how.

I’m fairly new to Garry’s Mod, I usually keep to the general facepunch studios area. What version of each should I download? Google is utterly useless, I get way too many different websites to download from.

OK, there are 2 ways to download Wire Mod and PHX
#1 Standard Download
#2 SVN

#1 is easy and #2 is a little complicated.

For someone new like you I would say for you to choose #1 even though it may not be the most up to date, it will still work.

You can download PHX Full pack here-


You can download the wire mod batch file updater here (Kinda like svn but is the simple and most stranded way)-


(you may need to make an account on there forums but if you do you should really try to get the svn on there, they have loads of threads and videos telling you how on that forum but for now you can follow the link above)

To install you should read the “readme.txt” files included in the download

Hope it helped. :smiley:

yes, that’s exactly what I needed.


Happy to help :smiley:


SVn tutorial, has links to both PHX and Wire