I Want to Get Back Into Server Hosting...

I want to get back into server hosting, the problem is I fell out of contact with people who would help. Any suggestions as to how to get back into the game? I have all of the servers, ass-loads of bandwidth, domain name, hosting, etc… I just need the people, and suggestions on how to get them of course. Thanks!

Try advertising on webhostingtalk if your on about dedicated servers and vps’s for which your website is advertising.

When you do get your shit together go to forum communities and offer a discount.

Do what i did for the first month offer a BIG discount or this is what got my company off the ground, I offered Free servers for a month, got like 50 people ordering servers for free after the free trial period was over i kept about 20-30 of the original 50.

Hope it helped

Not selling it, I mean hosting source servers for my group again. I just need the group part. Lol.

Never ever start a clan with a dedicated server waste of money. Start small website, ventrilo, and a 20 slot server. When you start gaining popularity start asking for suggestions and expanding. Most clan last less that 3 months I about to hit 1 year.

I own them, not a waste of money.

Make a server for the game you like, to make sure you will stay active in there.
Then start a clan and use the domain.
Proceed to creating forums, making servers for other games, take in a good and mature administration team.
After that it should grow by itself

Co-Locate or Renting.

GColocationfrom my past recollections of faze’s posts on this forum.

I host mine from home, not a big issue since I have the connection to handle it and a static IP.

Faze: Garry’s Mod has too many servers at the moment. If you want to pull in people you need to offer something unique. I suggest you avoid RP entirely because while you will get people, unless its something they can’t find elsewhere the people you do get won’t stick around.

Create a fun mini-game or something?. I donno, I was always a fan of tower defense… although that gamemode has already been privately created.

RP seems to be more fun, and most popular among the gaming community. Again, I need the people, and with the people come the ideas, and benefits for all, and etc. How do I get the people?

RP is only fun with lots of people playing.

No people = no fun = no players.

Do something other then RP.

Well I mean I need the admins to help get people to join, man the forums and such, come up with ideas, test shit, all that kind of stuff. Normal players will come in time.

Good luck with that. You won’t get anywhere without having a player base.

Try setting up a eight slot build server, on a unique map or something hardly used anymore then setup the theme of the server suited to, say building/wiremod and advertise on wiremods forums.

You don’t need a 128 slot server to get started, stick with the build server for four-six months and start expanding your community slowly if it works out.

I guarantee that you will not get anywhere with several empty 64 slot servers or a empty forum. Start small and build as needed… this is further proven by the fact you’ve been in this same rut for over a year now and have not tired what I have said previously.

If you can’t come up with ideas on your own, then you should not be trying to start a community… period.

And if it still doesn’t work out just stop hosting on gmod since its just wasting your time.

Yeah I probably started off a bit strong, lol… Too many resources perhaps. Any map you’d recommend for an 8-10 slot sandbox server?


You’re better off starting on standard maps until you have a playerbase. Then ask the playerbase if they have any preferences, download and pop on fastdl.

This is what I’m doing with my TF2 server. Keep getting asked by the few people that play on it to add a few customs, but we have such a small playerbase it’s just going to empty the server if we put on something custom.

Stick to the basic maps.

So like, flatgrass, construct, etc… Variations of them aren’t a good idea? Like flatgrass2008 or something?