I want to give myself a Physgun on TTT

But i need the weapon file of it.
I looked in sandbox/entities/weapons and didnt find it
Any help?

Ehh, I’m not sure how you can manage to get the weapon itself, however I know the weapons name:


And if you need a list of model paths go here

There is no “weapon file” like you’re think of, it’s not written in Lua.

If you want to give admins physguns on spawn, you could do:

    if ply:IsAdmin() then

EDIT: The above code wouldn’t work on TTT as it doesn’t (by default) let you pick up non TTT weapons.

I tried this:
unction PhyOnSpawn(ply)
if ply:IsUserGroup(“coowner”) or ply:IsUserGroup(“owner”) then
local wep = “weapon_physgun”
hook.Add(“PlayerSpawn”, “GivePhy”, PhyOnSpawn)

No errors in console but no physgun.

TTT does not support weapons that are not on the TTT base. Having that weapon will cause all sorts of script errors and problems. I would recommend not using it.

Is there any way i can have any sort of a physgun?

It would appear the person above you is somewhat correct. (it doesn’t even pick it up, how would it cause errors? probably talking out of his ass)

I tried giving myself a physgun on a listen server and it wouldn’t equip it any time I tried. To make this work, you would need to edit how TTT works (probably.) But like I said, I’m not familiar with how TTT works so someone else may need to help you, sorry.

TTT is by default preventing you from picking it up, so 12 year olds with their servers and ULX won’t be able to get it and cause mayhem. ( Not the actual reason )

Why do you need a physgun in TTT?

When you are Detective or Traitor and go to use the T/D menu it checks the weapons that you have in your inventory and it checks if they are an equipment weapon. That way you can’t have two of the same slot weapons. As the Physgun does not have the code inside it to support that check, it breaks the menu.

If you die and you have a weapon that does not have the TTT base your body will not spawn and you get a script error.

I had this trouble myself.

And was this really necessary? " (it doesn’t even pick it up, how would it cause errors? probably talking out of his ass)"

Honestly if you’re going to go into hostilities just because I said a weapon that is not on the TTT base will cause script errors what does that say about you?