I want to go back to the original physgun.

I downloaded a new physgun model and I want to go back to the original. I looked in the garrysmod content gcf and found nothing. Can anyone walk me through this?

dl the file you originally got the new one from open it up and it should basically show you it should be something like garrysmod/materials/phy

I think you should delete your downloaded physgun model and check it in-game for result.

Yes delete any model files you have called physgun or superphysgun, then the original will be loaded from the GCF.

Okay, thanks. I’ll try that and see how it works.

Nope, didn’t work. How can I replace it with the default?

Ok, if you really want to do this. Then find the physgun folder you downloaded, look in it and explain them to me. I didn’t edit my physgun, so yea… I could send you those same files… =D Or look for a hd pack and it’ll have it for sure.

If that didn’t work you didn’t delete the right thing, as that is how you fix it.

Download it again and place the files into your Gmod folder and replace all.

Then right-click and select undo.